We can make a full and very cost advantageous Offer for your Project for Digital Menu board, electronic queue, touch panel, illuminated advertising boards, tickers, information kiosks, interactive projections and many other digital signage instruments on your request or we may present some solution to you for consideration. Having a strong and experienced team of experts in marketing and design we may prepare a new or update existing Content for your Project.

As you probably know, Digital Menu boards have a huge advantage over light boxes and paper posters, which is a possibility to change a Content completely or partially quickly and throughout the whole chain of restaurants at a time, no matter how far they are located.  You may use Promo and Day Parting sales tool and display different product sets (meals) during a day (breakfast, lunch, etc). This technology attracts more visitors and increases an average check amount of your restaurants and points of sale.

All the investments will be returned within 12-24 months (ROI).

Our Team is ready to make a Content (static or video), installation and commissioning, remote control of content, prices, day parting and provide service support of your locations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.