About us

,,Your house can you replace the whole world.
The whole world will never replace your home."

Mayerline is a team of people with extensive experience in the furniture industry and interior design of both the housing market and contract.

Among us there are specialists, architects and engineers involved in the arrangement and adaptation of interiors.

Deep knowledge of the furniture market allows us to associate with each individual recipient and contractual (HORECA) with manufacturers of furniture and furnishings and interior design nationally and internationally.

We offer furniture and accessories of high quality with its original design at an attractive price.


We offer particularly:
  • interior objects of typical furniture and according to the customer projects, including the possibility of combining different materials: wood, metal, natural and artificial stone, glass
  • implementation of commissioned projects to furniture production
  • delivery of furniture and home furnishings, and a comprehensive equipment of commercial and public buildings
  • Implementation of individual, commercial, public projects according to the design of customer


What makes us unique:
  • years of experience in the furniture industry and interior design
  • years of experience in the construction industry
  • knowledge and involvement
  • we offer the expected level of quality and attractive prices
  • we provide competitive lead times and on-time deliveries
  • we support clients in logistics
  • we provide the attention to detail in order to achieve product and   services of the highest quality